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Listen. And Keep Listening.

Idre, also known as Jerman Luga, born Andre Blair, in West Kingston, Jamaica, developed a passion for music very early on. Coupled with a devout practice of the Rastafarian way of life, Idre found himself immersed in music through his experiences and hardships in inner city Kingston, serving as a scapegoat from the violence and poverty that plagued his everyday life. So, when rough beginnings in the city transpired into solitude and greater peace in the country, Idre surrounded himself with music and writing to break up the daily monotony.

By the time Idre returned to the inner city for high school, that love for music had surmounted to a blazing passion. Despite his uncertainty about his future role in the music industry, Idre was determined to make a name for himself among the great.

In 2005, Idre traveled to Trinidad, where he linked up with Machel Montano and wrote music for the artist. From there, he began recording professionally in 2006, with his first single, Where I’m From, and emerged for the first time as Jerman Luga. Seeking something greater, Idre found music as a positive way to express himself, elevated from his way of life—away from crime, violence, and poverty. As his career developed, so did the name he associated himself with. Thus, despite the childhood beginnings that inspired Jerman Luga, a time for change had come, and Jerman Luga became Idre.

From the third grade when Jerman Luga first began writing music, to today, where the now Idre travels the world performing, uplifting the masses with his music, Idre’s verses teach positivity and righteousness. Cleansing the thoughts and the minds of people, Idre highlights the hardships and struggles in life, while accentuating the beauty of his culture and his people through every verse of every song. Militancy drove his survival; humility taught him discipline.

Among his influences are the great Bob Marley, Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Super Cat, Beenie Man, and Bounty Killa.
Love Luga